New Year's Eve at the Pens!!

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Winter Weather Cancellation Reminder

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Just a reminder that Make a Joyful Noise does NOT cancel for inclement weather. You do however, have the option to Face Time the lesson is you choose not to come. Start to prepare now for a Face Time Lesson. (the lesson will take place at your regular scheduled lesson time) Your phone or Ipad must be positioned so that I can see your child and the keyboard. I use a mic stand with an Ipad holder.  Also please limit any background noise such as a TV or siblings playing nearby.  If your child is young, you will want to sit in on the lesson as well.

I am praying that we won't have too much bad weather but with the forecast of messy weather tonight, I felt that it was important to remind you of the policy and have you prepared for a Facetime lesson if you chose.



Gearing up for the Fall Semester!

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Summer is moving a little quickly for my taste. The stores are already putting out their Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas merchandise! The kids are getting ready to return to a new school year in a few weeks and our summer break from piano lessons will be over before we know it.

In July I attended the National Keyboard for Pedagogy Conference just outside of Chicago Il. Pedagogy is a fancy term for teaching piano.  It was four days crammed with a ton of ideas, new and old.  I'm still sorting through everything. And I came home with  more piano books than I should have purchased but that just means new and exciting repertoire for your kids! One of my favorite parts was meeting some of the people that actually compose the music that your children are playing. (see my Facebook page for photos)  Carol Matz, Christopher Norton and Diane Hidy to name a few.

For my existing students, the deadline for registration is tomorrow, August 15th.  But I am also accepting new students for the 2019/2020 Academic year. 

Check out the rest of the site, and give me a call!

Christina Shimp NCTM