2021 Studio Tour

Monday, March 29, 2021 by Christina Shimp | Uncategorized

Make a Joyful Noise featured Studio Tour with Leila Viss!

Our Studio was featured on the lates blog from Leila Viss! (Leilaviss.com) Enjoy!

The Latest from Leila Viss 
Innovative resources for creative piano teachers 

Last week I shared a look around my studio because good friend and voiceover actor for my Key Ideas podcast, Renee Holliman, requested it.  Find the blog post here for all the details, links and the video.

Many of you reached out and let me know you enjoyed the post. I think it's because we all like to see how others organize their "stuff" and manage their work space.

I'm SO pleased that Christina Shimp volunteered to take us on a virtual tour of HER studio. I appreciate how Christina integrates her lovely studio into her immaculate home.

"I was actually on a scheduled vacation last year when PA shut down. Because of that I was able to do some research and start to get the things that I needed to go online.  I started off with my old PC and my son rigged my phone above my piano with a boom that he had. I had my iPad on the other end and did my lessons through FaceTime.

Fast forward a year and I couldn’t stand the disorganization and clutter any longer.  Actually that was the case with my whole house. Lol
So my husband and I set about to make a space that was pleasing to the eye, have everything accessible, functional and with little to no clutter. This video is the result of that endeavor."